Barbour Wax Jackets: A Buyer's Guide

Wilson Wong September 21, 2022
Barbour Wax Jackets: A Buyer's Guide - Henry Bucks

Originally designed as a modernised take on the Barbour classic Bedale Wax jacket, the Barbour Ashby Wax jacket has taken on a life of its own, quickly becoming one of the most iconic styles in the Barbour wax jacket collection. A signature style that can be donned throughout the year to add both practicality and style to any outfit, there is a lot to love about the Ashby wax jacket. At Henry Bucks, we offer both Barbour Ashby Wax Jacket & Bedale Wax Jacket in the traditional colour way. Shop in-store or online.

In this post, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the iconic Barbour Ashby wax jacket, sharing our knowledge of what has made this style so well loved by Barbour wearers for years. 

What is the difference between Barbour Bedale and Ashby?

As a reimagining of the classic Bedale style, the Ashby wax jacket shares many features with the ever-popular Bedale. Designed to offer an updated style to suit the changing fashions and preferences of the times, the Ashby offers wearers a more modern, tailored fit which remains in-line with on-trend contemporary silhouettes.

 Barbour Ashby Wax Jacket - NAVY
Barbour Bedale Wax Jacket - NAVY

Is the Barbour Ashby warm?

Between the strategically-placed hand-warmer pockets and the option to include a zip-in liner of varying warmth, the Barbour Ashby jacket is capable of keeping any wearer protected from the cold. The versatility of the optional liners also ensures that the warm Ashby can be altered to suit the milder days of spring, making it an excellent everyday choice.

Is Barbour Ashby waterproof?

Due to the careful waxing process that the Barbour Ashby wax jacket is treated with, wearers are granted good resistance to poor weather conditions. Rain showers can be defended against by the waxed cotton material, thanks to its natural water-repellent properties.

So, while the Ashby isn't fully waterproof, it can provide a sufficient amount of protection from the British weather.