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5206098-BLCK-9 1/2 L

Fine Capeskin Silk Lined Gloves

These incredibly soft Capeskin gloves are a sophisticated addition to any winter wardrobe, perhaps peeking out of the cuff of a smart Sealup coat, or holding the handle of an elegant Fox umbrella. With extremely fine external seams and a plush silk lining, they will mould to the wearer and become a unique and personal item.
Cognac capeskin in sizes 7 ½ (Small or 20cm), 8 ½ (Medium or 23cm), 9 ½ (Large or 25cm) and 10 ½ (Extra Large or 28cm) .
To determine glove size measure the dominant hand around the palm at the widest point (excluding the thumb) and measure again from the tip of the middle finger to the wrist bone. The larger of these two measurements will be most accurate.
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