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Grenson Dylan Brogue Leather Oxford Shoes

In 1866 William Green begins making shoes in the loft above the Corn Merchants in Rushden, Northamptonshire. At this time shoemaking was done by hand in the houses of outworkers and William would hand out the work by visiting them individually on a daily basis. In 1901, William Green died and the left the business to his son, CAK Green. In 1913, the business decided to move with the times by developing a "modern brand name" something that was just becoming fashionable. They took William Green and sons and shortened it to GRENSON, which became one of the first names ever to be registered in the UK.
Apart from the new moccasin collection, all Grenson shoes are “Goodyear Welted”. This is a shoemaking technique that was invented in the mid 1800's and involves many individual processes, but the key benefit is that the shoes are strong and last a long time. The main feature of Goodyear Welted shoes is that the upper is stitched to a leather band called a Welt and this is then stitched to the sole. It takes up to 8 weeks to make our shoes and involves well over 200 individual operations.
Modern, yet traditional. Grenson Dylan brogue calf leather Oxford shoes with natural leather sole.
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