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Secrid Slim Wallet

Secrid slim wallet card holder in vintage brown leather

Protects 6 cards The Secrid CardProtector offers essential protection for your most important cards, such as your credit card, bank card, ID card, driving licence, public transport smart card, store card, and access card.

Intuitive to use It is easy to select the card you need. With one click, all cards slide out of the case in convenient steps. By sliding them further out or in, you can easily take out the card you need.

Prevents card brittleness Leather used in wallets absorbs softening agents from plastic cards. That causes cards to become brittle, increasing the possibility of them cracking or breaking. The aluminium Secrid CardProtector now makes this problem a thing of the past.

Protects cards against bending and breaking In a regular wallet, cards are bent for long periods on end. Couple that with the adverse effects of leather on the cards, and you have a wallet that can cause cards to break within a year. The Secrid CardProtector ensures that all cards remain intact.

Minimises card wear and tear Sliding cards into the CardProtector takes little to no effort. The patented mechanism secures the cards on both sides. Cards are no longer pressed together, which reduces wear and tear.

Prevents electronic pickpocketing from RFID cards
[RFID = Radio Frequency IDentification]
Radio waves pass through fabric and leather unhindered. All RFID cards (such as rail cards, Oyster cards, access cards, and the latest credit cards) can as a result be read and copied remotely. The Secrid CardProtector blocks these waves and guarantees privacy and security.

Dimensions: 65 x 97 x 16mm
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