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The Heather Melange Shirt by Viyella Combines a blend of Wool & Cotton together in the same thread to create a Strong but soft fabric that will keep you “Warm when it’s not and cool when it’s hot” the unique natural properties of these two natural fibres work together to creating an intimate blend.

Viyella has a heritage that can be traced back to 1784 and is the oldest BRANDED Fabric in the World. Today we use the skills and expertise of our forefathers to bring to you a beautiful practical Shirt, one of the only garments in your wardrobe you can hand down the generations.


  • 2 Button Adjustable Cuff
  • Chest pocket
  • Button-Down Collar
  • Standard Fit
  • Cotton specially blended with Merino Wool

Melange in our famous 80/20 Cotton Wool blend, Neutral colour which can be worn with any tweed. Button-Down Collar, Functional Brest pocket matched to the design, Branded Viyella buttons, all positioned by hand reading the right way up & adjustable cuff.