Alteration & Tailoring

Alteration Service at Henry Bucks

No task is too small or too great for us. Our team offer everything from hem adjustment to larger alteration.

 Please note that alteration might take 1 to 3 business days. Please speak to one of our friendly members to confirm the timeframe.

Our fitters and tailors are available to fit and alter your garments in-store. With all the clothing you buy from us, we want to make sure you feel and look your best. Keeping in mind the garment's integrity or the designer's point of view, our skilled tailoring crew will make sure you have the fit you want.

Garment Upkeeping Service

If you, the original owner of the clothing, discover that you require repaired works or further adjustments. We offer garment repair, dry-cleaning and maintenance service at affordable alteration prices. 

Please contact us to get a quotation. 

*We kindly ask that you have the garment dry cleaned before bringing it in for any alteration service out of respect for our tailors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

If you require advice on the fitting of a garment while trying it on in-store, simply let one of our sales associates knows. A fitter will measure and record any necessary alterations which will be passed on to our tailors.

How long does it take?

Our tailors work to complete alterations as swiftly as possible. Alteration time required varies depending on the complexity of the work. In most case, work is completed in less than 5 business days. 

Need an item urgently? Simply request our express service, through which alterations can be set to a required deadline. We can also offer a same-day service to adjust trouser hems.

How much will my alterations cost?

Prices are variable and are evaluated based on the requirements for each garment.