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      a premium bespoke suiting label built upon 

      the 130-year tailoring heritage of Henry Bucks.

      A suit as unique as its owner

      Our dedication to sourcing the world's finest suiting fabrics and exceptional attention to detail ensures that your Henry Sartorial suit will be a unique, luxurious garment that we guarantee will fit you perfectly.

      Using the highest quality Italian super fine merino wool fabrics
      , we will create a unique suit customised to your selections. Assisted by our highly trained staff, you will select the exact fabric, lining, construction and design for your perfect, one-of-a-kind suit.  

      The ultimate in personal luxury

      Creating a beautiful suit to your exact measurements and aesthetic is the essence of personal luxury. There really is nothing like the satisfaction of wearing a truly unique garment made just for you.

      The extensive range of fabrics offers a wide choice of colours, patterns, designs and textures, always of the highest quality and in line with the latest seasonal trends. The options are endless, and the result is a truly bespoke garment that uniquely reflects your personal sartorial style.

      We invite you to experience this luxury first-hand 

      with Made to Measure suiting by Henry Sartorial.

      How it works...

      Step 1: Fitting

      In a Fitting appointment we’ll go over fabrics and design options before we measure you up for your made-to-measure garment. If you have any reference images for the look you are trying to achieve, bring them along with you to your fitting. We will help guide you as to which fabric, fit, and aesthetic are appropriate for your body type and preference. Our stylists will guide you to the best selections to suit your needs. During your fitting you will try on sample garments to ensure your suit has your desired look and feel.

      Step 2: Try ON

      In your Try on appointment (about 6 weeks after your fitting) we’ll be reviewing the fit and finish of your made-to measure garment. 

      Almost all of our customers will be able to take their garments home with them after this fitting. If you’re not local to one of our stores than we can happily ship your garment directly to you and skip this step.

      more information:


      In a Wedding Consultation your stylist will review some information about your wedding to help you achieve the desired look. After discussing the perfect design, we will send a quote with the all of the costs attributed to making your wedding suits. 

      Along with price, we’ll also give you a break down on timing. We’ll provide you with the dates that you’ll need to be measured, make your purchase, and have your final fitting. There are no additional costs for wedding suits but, to ensure a seamless process, we do ask for more time. 

      We ask you come in for a consultation no later than 8 weeks before your wedding date. All quotes are applicable for 90 days.




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