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      How long does it take to get a suit?

      Our production times range depending on which brand you choose. On average, we can have a suit finished and in your hands in about 6 weeks. However, if your suit is to be worn on a specific date, we ask that you keep in mind items can get delayed in the shipping process.

      Can you make suits for a wedding?

      Wedding suits are our most popular suits in our made-to-measure range. Our stylists are well trained on helping you select fabrics and designs that are complimentary to the aesthetic of your wedding. When you are booking in for a wedding consultation feel free to bring in as much information as you have. We will be discussing things like time of year, venue, colour scheme, and what the bridal party is wearing to help dictate what we suggest for your wedding party. Alternatively, if you have images of what suits you want for the groom and groomsmen, bring those along.

      When doing wedding suits for your wedding it important to remember one thing - to make the experience easy and seamless, we ask for a little bit more time than for a standard business suit. Wedding season can be very busy and we want to make sure that each and every wedding is treated as if it is our own. Between consultation, measurements, fittings, and pick-up, we want to make sure that we can provide our undivided attention through every step.

      If only the groom is getting his suit from us we ask for at least 8 weeks from the wedding date. if an entire wedding party is getting suits from us (3 or more suits) we ask for 14 weeks. For a consultation, feel free to come in as early as you would like*.

      *Fabric quantities can change. Quotes are valid for 90 days


      What Fabrics are used?

      Depending on the occasion we have thousands of fabrics to choose from. We have Merino wools for everyday suits, Silk blends for black tie, cottons and linens for casual wear, and even cashmere or vicuña for a more luxury experience. With the largest made-to-measure fabric offering in Australia, we can cater to every need.


      What does the Super number refer to?

      The “super” of a fabric represents the fineness of a wool fiber as represented by its maximum diameter in micrometres. The higher the super number, the thinner the thread. There is a common misconception that a higher super number equates to a more easily wearing fabric. This is not always true and is reliant on a variety of factors.


      What is GSM?

      GSM is an acronym for Grams per Square Meter and simply is a metric measurement of the fabrics weight.

      Do I need an appointment?

      While it isn’t mandatory, appointments for measurements are typically recommended. An appointment means we can ensure you will receive undivided attention by a stylist.


      How long does it take?

      On average the measurement process can take anywhere from 10 – 45 minutes. In order to provide you with the best service we allow 45 minutes per appointment.


      Can I use my own materials?

      At this stage we are not using any materials that we don’t supply.


      What are the payment options?

      We take various forms of tender including Cash, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.


      What type of construction are your suits?

      None of our suits are fused but we do offer a variety of canvas options. We can do no canvas for lightweight, deconstructed, and casual jackets, half canvas for all-season suits, or full canvas for longer-wearing garments. It is completely up to the customer and what may be suitable for his needs.


      How do I launder my suits?

      We recommend minimal dry cleaning for any suit. As dry cleaning can contain chemicals that can break down natural fibres, it is best that it is done minimally and only when necessary. If a suit isn’t visible dirty but has fallen out of shape, we recommend opting for a “pressing” instead of a cleaning.


      What are the design options?

      There are very few options that we can’t do in our made-to-measure program. We will help make suggestions as to what will suit your style and build. Reference photos are always helpful if you’re trying to achieve a specific look.


      What if I don’t know what suit is best for me?

      That’s where we come in. Our stylists are exceptionally skilled in understanding fabrication, design, and functionality of a garment. We will go through a sequence of questions that will help us provide the best options for your needs.




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