We are pleased to present the 100Hands x Henry Sartorial collaboration.

100Hands is a unique brand of premium handcrafted shirts based in Amsterdam. The company was born out of an obsessive passion for craftsmanship by a family with 159 years of heritage in the textile industry. The family first started as Cloth Merchants in 1860 followed by yarn spinning in 1882. In 1998, the family created a private atelier for custom shirting. Initially producing shirts for family and friends, it soon grew to provide bespoke shirt manufacturing services for esteemed SavileRow tailoring houses in London, as well as haute-couture Maisons in Paris.

In 2014 Akshat and Varvara, 6th generation family members, decided they wanted to leverage the family's deep textile and manufacturing expertise. They built a brand new, state-of-the-art factory and officially launched the 100Hands brand with the singular vision:

"To produce handcrafted shirts of the highest quality and precision thereby setting a new benchmark within the global shirting industry."

Each shirt is crafted over a period of 16-34 hours where the 100 hands of 50 skilled artisans use traditional methods, many dating over 100 years, to meticulously construct the body of the shirt. Each customer not only receives a luxury handmade shirt but also the story of each tailor that is woven into this unique shirt-making process.

The range of fabrics is not only GOTS and Fair Trade certified but are also woven by hand using old techniques which hardly exist in this modern world. A limited number of pieces are produced per year maintaining an individual personality for each piece.

100Hands unite the past and present, blending the tradition with contemporary elegance.